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The Tourist's Dilemma

Traditionally, visitors coming to New York have three options for seeing the city:
  • Guided tours force you to follow someone else's schedule and pace, and make you jockey with a crowd of strangers for the best viewing and listening position at each stop.

  • Hop-on Hop-off Bus tours charge you $35 for one-size-fits-all tours that will show you lots of the city... at 30 miles per hour. And when you hop off the bus, you're still faced with option #3...

  • Do-it-yourself sightseeing. New Yorkers can pick out "DIY-ers" from a mile away: They're the ones standing on the sidewalk with a guidebook in one hand, a map in the other and a "confrustrated" (confused and frustrated) look on their face.

  • So, how do you explore an unfamiliar place like New York City without sacrificing your independence, comfort, travel budget or sanity?

    Empowering Tourists

    TailoredTours.com™ was launched in December 2006 by a husband-and-wife team that wanted to give people a better way to experience New York.

    Tailored Tours™ give you everything you need to be able to explore New York on your own schedule and at your own pace. We do this by providing you with compact tour itineraries that lead you from one interesting sight, activity or restaurant to the next within a certain area. Every Tailored Tour includes both a route map and turn-by-turn directions, so you can focus on having fun and forget about figuring out which way to go next.

    Because Tailored Tours™ are self-guided, you maintain your independence and flexibility, while avoiding the stress and expense of group or bus tours. Even if your goal is simply to visit the major sights, our First Visit™ tours do more than just lead you from Point A to Point B: Each Tailored Tour™ takes you along the "scenic route," pointing out obscure points of interest, fun activities and unique restaurants in, around and between the major sights.

    Each Tailored Tour™ costs just $3, covers up to two miles, and takes up to six hours to complete, depending on the number of suggested activities and restaurants you partake in. Assuming you use two tours per day, you could fill a five-day vacation with Tailored Tours™ for less than the cost of a single bus tour ticket. And, because Tailored Tour™ are meant to be shared by a group, the cost per person decreases as the number of people using the tour goes up.

    Not Just for Tourists

    Tailored Tours™ are an easy, affordable and fun way to explore New York, even for New Yorkers. Explore a new neighborhood, do a pub crawl or have fun with a scavenger hunt. You don't have to be a tourist to enjoy Tailored Tours.

    Give the Gift of Tailored Tours™

    If you know someone who is visiting, relocating to, or already lives in New York, why not surprise them with a TailoredTours.com gift certificate? Our gift certificates are available in any amount, starting at just $6, and are delivered instantly via e-mail, along with your personalized message.

    The ordering process takes just a few minutes, so click here to get started.

    We'd Love to Hear from You

    Every small business thrives on feedback, so we'd love to hear your:
  • Questions and comments
  • Suggestions for tour categories and routes
  • Suggestions for interesting things to see and do in your city
  • Whatever the reason, please feel free to contact us.

    Coming Soon to Your City!

    Currently, Tailored Tours™ are only available for New York City. But we will be expanding to other domestic and international destinations throughout 2007 and beyond.

    For More Information...

    For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and take a look at our sample tour.