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"Your maps make a world of difference!" - K. Anderson, Camarillo, California

"We used your Southeast Central Park tour [New York City Tailored Tour #1] and found it very informative and user-friendly. It's easy to see how you could miss a lot just going from one point to another in the park, but with your tour we felt like we didn't miss a thing." - C. Devney, Washington, D.C.

"I can honestly say that I will recommend your site in the future, and when you expand to other cities in the U.S. and maybe other countries, I will use your site for all cities that I can." - A. Yoshitake, Berkeley, California

"Reading through the tour itinerary before we got to the park gave us an idea of what was going to be around every corner. The anticipation made us look forward to each turn, and that filled our walk with more fun and excitement than we would have gotten with a guided tour or by finding our way as we went." - I. and S. George, London, England

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Media Coverage

[TailoredTours.com] aims to make the overwhelming task of seeing all the city’s attractions a bit more manageable.
Melissa Vitti, GoNomad.com - "Tailored Tours: A Handy Way to See New York City"
June 26, 2007

If you're planning to spend time in the city that never sleeps and need a flexible, inexpensive guide to making sense of the madness that is Manhattan, TailoredTours.com has just the ticket.
Michael La Fave, Driven Blog - "Mobile tour guide leaves New York up to you"
May 4, 2007

Go to TailoredTours.com before your next NYC family trip.
Jacky Runice, Chicago Daily Herald
April 15, 2007

An interesting new way to see New York.
Erik Olsen, Gadling.com
April 26, 2007

Soaking up the city has just become easier. Tailored Tours has dozens of self-guided walking tours via e-mail. No more bulky guide books!
Sue Frause, Vagablond.com
March 12, 2007

[Tailored Tours] strike a balance between tourism and under-the-radar local joints, which is essential to getting into that New York state of mind.
Camilla Warner, University of Southern California Daily Trojan - "Walk This Way: TailoredTours.com offers a cheap new spin on New York tourism"
March 1, 2007

Is your family heading to New York City anytime soon? If you answered yes, be sure to visit TailoredTours.com.
Apryl Chapman Thomas, MommaSaid.net - "Simple Travel Without Skimping"
February 4, 2007

[TailoredTours.com has a] Clean and simple layout.
Mike Fridgen, TravelStartUps.com
January 25, 2007

A large number of Lock Haven students expressed an interest in going to New York, but for some there was slight hesitation if they weren't familiar with the area, which is exactly where [Tailored Tours] come into play.
Adam Guerra, Lock Haven University Eagle Eye
January 24, 2007